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Weds, July 30 - Opening for Matt Wertz at Hotel Utah

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This is HA-YUGE, I am opening for Matt Wertz on Wed July 30 at Hotel Utah. I have been a ginormous fan of Mr. Wertz since my college days and have had the privilege of meeting him AND having him sing on a tune of mine (that’s him backing up ‘Willing to Pay” on Three Cities!) and he is every bit as kind and amazing in real life so this opportunity just really means the world to me.

The Utah has always been a fave venue of mine, Ash Scheiding will be playing with me- there are too many good things happening in one night. I am SO SO SO EXCITED about this incase you can’t tell. Please come out if you can! It will be so fun. The Utah is a small venue - so get your tickets now.