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Americana Afterglow

Happy fall all you dear magics!!!

OHHHHHH I love the fall and the colors and smells and that glorious, crisp air!

I’ve been sending newsletters out like a mad woman and I hope you don’t mind, I just have a lot of great things to share!

Upcoming Shows

Well, first, I must speak of a past show - this last Saturday, and totally last minute, I got invited to open up for Carlene Carter at City Winery in Napa.  Carlene Carter as in June Carter Cash’s daughter and the Man in Black’s stepdaughter.

I got to open for Carlene Carter at City Winery in Napa,CA
(On Instagram)

Yeah, I know. It was so wonderful on so many levels. City Winery is such a fine establishment with some of the kindest people I’ve ever met running the operation, the sound and the stage and the room is beautiful and Carlene is just a hoot. That’s literally the best word to describe her. She looks just like her mom and sings like an angel and has so much sass she kept the whole room laughing and on our toes. So in short, it was maaaaaagic.

Thank you Mr. Jon Jimmerson for playing with me that night!

This coming weekend I’ll be performing at the Nicholson Ranch Winery as part of the RABBL show we announced a few weeks ago! Tickets are for sure still available and the show will start at 6:30pm and the ever glorious Ash Scheiding will be playing with.

Keeley Valentino live at The Nicholson Ranch Winery
(If you’ve made reservations, tickets will be delivered via email in the next 12 hours. Children under 13 free with accompanying adult)

Many of you have been asking about a CD Release show here in Marin and I assure you that there will indeed be one this fall, we have just been trying to secure the best possible venue for it so stay tuned!

Reviews, Lists and Accolades 

Another great review came out since last we spoke! Thank you so much to Country Perspective for this very glowing review that meant so much to me!  


Two songs off the EP have also made it into their Spotify Top 10 list. I’m there right next to Lee Ann Womack and even Tim McGraw.

Americana Music Association Festival

(Jackson Browne during the Americana Music Association Awards Show)

Two weeks ago I attended the Americana Music Association Festival and Conference in Nashville. What is Americana you might ask? Well, the jury is still out, as this was a question debated and pondered quite a bit at the conference itself. It almost seems as if the definition is in the ear of the beholder- Americana can be and embraces so many things- country, folk, rock, soul, bluegrass, and then a mix of all those. Therein lies the beauty of the genre- it welcomes the sounds that have no place to go and don’t fit in to any one specific place. And this suits me just fine. 

Apart from the ridiculously amazing music I heard- (Patty Griffin, Jackson Browne, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Loretta Lynn and a whole bunch more) I learned so much and I was so inspired. All the people I talked to, the panels I heard, the indie artists I listened to - it was constantly reinforced that it is really all about the music here, the commercial value of a song comes in second to the way it hits home and touches your heart. Even with the radio peeps - most of them don’t even want to play the single, they want to hear the whole record and pick any song they like. What?? Wow. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of debates about old versus new - about the lack of slide guitar or the waning social messages or the influx of gang vocals, but all in all, people were there to hear the music and the song, not to put a price tag on it. I took many big sighs of relief and just enjoyed myself. I saw people doing music because they loved it and I want to be just like them when I grow up. 

The EP had some moments in the sun while I was there and was met with a lot of excitement which always feels good. I’m definitely looking forward to what happens next!!

(Manager’s Note: Keeley is way too humble to mention this but her single “Little Things” brought the entire Songlines Radio Music Meeting at the Conference to a standstill.  The song was selected from over 500 submissions and entered into a pool of 12. You listen to the songs “blind” - meaning the artist is not identified ahead of the song being played. Her song was in the top 3 of songs heard and scored. And this next to artists such as Lyle Lovett & Alison Moorer amongst others. Some folks thought the single was from Patty Griffin or Lee Ann Womack. Safe to say there was a little buzz about our ingenue at the festival after this listening session. Which leads us too…)

Speaking of the AMA fest, Monday night I had the chance to be on Point Reyes’ own KWMR with Amanda Eichstaedt whom I had met at the conference. I was featured on her show “Release Me.” I played some songs and we talked all about the festival and it was so fun. Amanda is realllllly super cool and involved in a slew of awesome projects and it was such a treat to be in the studio with her. The show is archived and you can check it out here and hear some of the other ridiculous artists we got to listen to at the festival. My segment begins at around the 35 minute mark: 

(Keeley on KWMR’s Release Me - begins around the 35 minute mark)

Guys, I can’t really get over any of this good stuff that is happening just so you know. Thank you so much for being a part of it and for all the encouragement and support. 

Big hugs and happy pumpkin spices to you and yours, 



New EP Is Out, First Review Is In

"There are not enough descriptions or superlative adjectives to label her with…she writes great songs that are matched with great music and a great voice…Sometimes you don’t need words to communicate a record. Sometimes you just need to listen and let it wash over you and touch your soul."  - For The Country Record

(click on image to purchase)

Happy Tuesday all! And a big, huge happy birthday to my dearest of dears, Lauralee Mattingly!!

Today is the day I have been waiting for for many a moon - the EP IS OUT!!!!!

I am so happy and so excited about this, and this past month has really been so amazing with all the great press and support the EP has received, I have had a lot of pinch me moments. This project was and continues to be a labor of love from so many special people in my life and I am thankful everyday. I hope that you guys enjoy it and can hear and feel the love that was put into it.

The first review is also in from For The Country Record…and I think they like it!  Read all about it here:


Also VENTS magazine did a wonderful interview last week that I’m really proud to share:

VENTS - Keeley Valentino Interview

By the way I’m all kinds of thrilled to see my name under the No Depression banner. Such a big fan of theirs and I’m deeply honored that they gave me some space to make the announcement.


Don’t forget the evolving Instagram music video for “Little Things” is up. Watch and feel free to contribute by submitting your Instagram videos with the hashtag #KeeleyVideo. Your profile must be public.

Finally, if you’re in Nashville, I play an unofficial Americana Week showcase at The Stone Fox with Alyssa Bonagura and Jessica Martindale on Thursday, Sept 18th at 9 pm. Come on out.

Thank you so much to all of you for sticking with me all this time and coming to shows and buying music and pushing me one more step forward. Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

Big hugs and lots of hearts and booyahs,



"Little Things" Live At The Bluebird Cafe

Got to play at The Bluebird Cafe with the likes of Charles Alexander, Jeff Cohen (hits with The Band Perry, Sugarland and Big & Rich), and Bobby Hamrick, AND Julia Sinclair, played guitar with me and she is just ridiculously good. Check out this clip of “Little Things’ recorded that night! There is nothing like playing at the Bluebird and I just loved every minute of it. 


The Tennessean covers launch of “Little Things” Instagram Music Video

The Tennessean’s Nate Rau covers the launch of our evolving Instagram music video and how we approached the release of the upcoming EP.  Click here to go to the video app web site:

(click on image to visit video site)

Click here to read the article on the front page of the biz section of The Tennessean:


A Brand New EP, Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe and LA’s Hotel Cafe

Well, it’s true! I’m releasing a brand new EP. I’m really proud of this work. Plus it was made with love with my genius friends.  The street date for the album is Tuesday, September 16th, but the presale begins this Tuesday, August 12th on iTunes. Watch this space for a link etc.


In celebration of this event, we’re playing shows in Nashville, LA and possibly even Sonoma (but that’s up to you). Will explain later.

Weds, August 27th  6:00 pm - The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

Friday. September 12th 7:00 pm - Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

Sonoma - 1st week in October. Check out this RABBL:


RABBL is a web site that lets you crowdfund shows by pre-selling tickets. If we sell 20 tix to this show in Sonoma, CA - it’s ON! For the price of the ticket you get to see me perform and you get a copy of the new brand new EP!

These next few weeks and months are going to be exciting and so much fun. As always, I’m so grateful for your unwavering support and enthusiasm.